Overdue Update

My last post was right before I headed to Nashville for 10 days for work. It was our 63rd Annual Convention and Competition and we had well over 7,000 attendees from all around the world. We even established a new world record for the largest singing lesson ever! The week was jam packed and unfortunately, lots of sickness was swirling around! Of the 22 staff members who went, two came back with H1N1, three with Bronchitis, one with Tonsillitis and one more with a sprained shoulder after falling on-site. EEK!

I managed to scrape by with the same stuff nose and chest congestion I had before I went. Turns out it's my raging fall allergies! I am allergic to the leaves that fall off the trees and decompose this time of year. As much as I love fall in all it's crispy, colorful glory, I do not like my nasal reactions to it all. Thankfully, Zyrtec is helping it all and I have managed to be able to breathe through my nose now with it and faithful use of my SinuCleanse neti pot. I did have to travel home from Nashville with my stuffy nose and that led to the most painfully blocked Eustachian tube ever! I was desperate for relief, which finally came 12 hours later with a trip to the pharmacy at 2 a.m. for some real-behind-the-counter-so-meth-cooker-cannot-get-it Sudafed, more time wrestling with my neti pot and a hot shower. Oy! I can totally see why babies cry on airplanes! It hurt so bad, I cannot even tell you.

I took last Monday and Tuesday off to recover from the breakneck schedule in Detroit and on Monday I saw our OB/GYN. We got another peek a lil' miss Libby...who's measuring at around 2.5 lbs. at 26 weeks gestation:

She's very active now and I feel her kicks and jabs nearly every hour or so. Some are even visible on the outside. From here forward, I see my OB/GYN every two weeks instead of every four. Next time, November 9, I get the Glucose Screening to test for Gestational Diabetes. I was in such a panic about it that I've had my mom test me with her blood sugar kit just to be sure. So far, there's nothing to worry about...thank goodness! Hopefully, I'll pass the one-hour glucose screening so I won't be subjecting to the more trying three-hour test. It also means we'll get to "see" miss Libby again. Yay! I love to see her and hear her heartbeat.

As Libby has begun to grow, so have I! I have only gained 3 lbs. this entire pregnancy (which is okay since I was very "fluffy" to start), but my waistline is ever-expanding:

I am feeling pretty good considering I am now in the third trimester. I do have some achy joints and such and sleeping soundly through the night has become a novelty. It's a rare occasion that I am getting a full night's sleep that is uninterrupted. But I figure that's my body's way of preparing me to take care of a little infant. We start our Bradley Classes next week and J has been reading up on Husband Coached Childbirth and taking copious notes.

The stuff we need for Libby is slowly coming together too...we just got the SpaBaby (aka Tummy) Tub. It mimics more closely the baby's feeling of being in utero...the videos on YouTube of calm little babies enjoying their baths convinced me that I wanted to try it rather than go with the traditional, reclined infant tubs.

We have yet to get a crib or car seat, so they are next on the list. I am not as concerned about getting the crib before Libby arrives because we do have an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper than we plan to use for the first several months anyway. But every baby is different and it would be nice to have a crib if she's the type of baby that prefers not to room-in with mommy and daddy as well as to have a place for her to nap safely during the day. Thank goodness for my mother... she has been instrumental in us getting all of our baby gear together. Yay for grandma!

Well that's all for now. J and I have a photo shoot on Saturday morning at Woodward Park with the puggies. It's a maternity/family portrait session. I am so excited! The weather has been gorgeous and is forecasted to remain through Saturday. It's a beautiful time of year in the park with all of the leaves changing. I'll post proofs as soon as I can.