First (non-furbaby) Father's Day

Yesterday was a great day.  J was off work and it was nice to be home as a family doing what families do on any given Sunday.  It's a rare occasion in our household for mommy and daddy to have the WHOLE day off together.  We slept in and finally got up and had a nice breakfast of bagels with lox and coffee.  J opened up his cards from me and my mom and Libby and was happy to receive new "daddy gear"...two pairs of cotton, lounge pants (his favorite) and a funny t-shirt that says, "I like a big rack" with a drawing of baby back ribs grilling on a kettle grill .  The double entendre is quite fitting given my current status as a nursing mother who before pregnancy was already a 40E.  Whoa mama!

Speaking of grilling, yes, J made his own father's day dinner.  Let me preface this by saying the man LOVES to cook.  I mean adores it and well, me?  Not so much.  I mean, we won't starve if I am in charge of the meals, but they're usually quite utilitarian and not the creative works that he puts into it.  We had steamed broccoli, grilled chicken and garlic sausages with mustard and roasted garlic potatoes.  YUM.  He also whipped up some thick, gooey brownies.  They came out of the oven and smelled divine.  In order not to torture ourselves while they cooled we went for a walk at dusk.  I wore Libby in the wrap carrier and J and Libby, me and my mom went for a warm summer's stroll around the neighborhood. We had fun spying fireflies and little cotton tail bunnies.  Whew, it's been H-O-T and humid this past weekend.  Nearly 100 degrees and probably 70-80% humidity, which of course, makes it feel hotter.  So it was nice to get outside, even if it was nearly dark.  We got home and the brownies were still warm, but cool enough to eat.  We topped them with a dollop of vanilla ice cream...delish!

And so it was.  A perfectly delightful Sunday with the family.  A wonderful first Father's Day...although don't tell Regina, Luigi and Bella...they've been given Daddy cards for years and it might hurt their feelings if they knew that it didn't "count" until Libby arrived.  We've always known that J was an awesome Dad and now that Libby's here, it just confirms what we've known all along.