Time Flies!

I am a bad blogger! Ever since this summer, I've really not kept up with it. I've resolved that 2011 I'd get back to posting more regularly. So here goes...

Time has certainly flown! I can hardly believe me baby girl is going to be one year old in less than a week. Holy moly! She's nearly walking and has been talking up a storm for the past few weeks.

Here's where we left off with the blog....I'll catch you up with photos!

August 2010:

First Plane Ride...to CA to see friends and family

September 2010:

First Labor Day

Meltdown in Three Clicks

October 2010:

Trip to Seattle...I had to work so my mom came along so I could have Libby with me

Living in a hotel for 10 days is rough!
Nine Month Photoshoot with Malisa Morgan Waldrop in Woodward Park:

First Halloween - Our Little Busy Bee

We had an awesome first Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with her paternal grandparents:

First time with her paternal grandfather and stepgrandmother

Libby's first Christmas was so fun! There's so much magic to the season viewed from a little's eyes!

Here are some favorite photos from December 2010:

First look at Christmas lights

Small Christmas Tree for her room
Newest ornament

first carousel ride

Holiday Portraits
They were a hit on our holiday cards this year!

First visit with Santa Claus

Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning with new toys from Santa Claus

Christmas night with new ball pit from uncle and auntie

Whew! What a whirlwind the past six months have been! So much has happened. Libby's gone from crawling to standing to cruising to walking with a push toy. It's only a matter of time before she ditches the push toy and takes off on her own!

She's still LOVING her books and has quite the vocabulary these days. We love when she says, "bumble, bumble" (bumblebee), "purple," and "hippopapa" (hippopatamus)...she also says: mama, dada, gah (grandma), puppy, kitty cat, blue, shoe, clap, cup, book, all done, night-night, car, and hi.

Our little being will be ONE on January 25th...her first birthday party is this Saturday!

I've done a lot of DIY for her party and will post pics on Sunday!


DecoratedAndExhausted said...

I just want to squeeze her she is so cute! My favorite picture is still with all your hands, so precious :)

Welcome! said...

I'm dying over the princess crown! How cute the birthday girl is!!! Love that Libby J!!!

Cindy said...

Welcome back to your blog. I love all the photos of Libby.