Awesome Weekend: Part One

After a week of gray, misty, overcast skies and near freezing temps we were rewarded this weekend with blue skies, gentle breezes and a 76 degrees of sunshine! After a crazy week at work (not one, not two, not three, but FOUR big deadlines met!) and too many nine hour days and working through lunch,  I was ready to just relax and enjoy my family.

Friday afternoon my mom and I took Libby to the playground at 41st/Riverside...

First, my dear hubby let me sleep in until 9 a.m. He got up with Libby and I awoke to the sounds of her finishing her breakfast..."all doooooonnnnneee!" We hung out while J whipped up some delicious pancakes. The windows and doors were open and the cross breezes felt awesome as we drank our coffee and ate our pancakes. The backyard has been alive with birds of every, red, black, brown and shades between...mating season is in full effect and it's fun to see their little dances and rituals. And see them building their nests...readying themselves for the little eggs that will surely result from all of their Springtime fun!

Libby's really into her dolls lately...and is loving this double stroller my mom picked up for her from Target:
She's also really obsessed with "BEADS!" And loves my necklaces and earrings. So I let her wear this Kukui nut lei that we brought home from our wedding in Hawaii....

Pop was in town for the gun show and stopped by for a few hours.

She just had to show him her babies...and stuffed elephant, of course!

And then we headed out to La Fortune Park where we played on the toddler-sized equipment:

And then watched some ducks for a bit...

What a great start to the weekend! And I love that Libby gets to spend so much quality time with her grandma...they are best buds!