Amarillo, TX...FINALLY!

Another long day on the road....we left Flagstaff, AZ at 10:30 am after stopping at Petsmart to pick up a new ex-pen since we forgot ours in San Jose. We hit the road and were blessed with another mild day, weather-wise, at least for the high desert. We were on I-40 East (which runs parallel to Route 66) for the whole ride. We crossed into New Mexico by 1:30 pm which became 2:30 pm with the time change into Mountain Time.

We stopped at the Continental Divide to fuel up (after yesterday, we agreed that we'd refuel at a half-tank) and stretch our legs. Then we headed towards Albuquerque where it was now 90+ degrees. We sat in the shade outside of Whole Foods and ate chicken salad while the puppies had some kibble and water. We met lots of nice folks, the pugs tend to attract a lot of attention, while we dined al fresco.

Back into the car and on towards Texas. For a long stretch we were down to just one lane for road work. UGH! Finally, it opened back up to two lanes and after a few more hours on the road we stopped at Dairy Queen for some soft serve and a potty break for the pups. Thankfully, they sleep most of the time in the car, although each one got restless at some point today and spent some time on L's lap in the front seat for a while. Another hour on the clock lost due to the time change as we crossed into Texas and even though we were on the road for 12 hours we didn't pull into La Quinta Inn and Suites until 12:30 am Central Time. After a long, hot day on the road (J did all of the driving today...again! Logging 607 miles at 60-70 miles/hour...) we unloaded, let the puggies run around and play for a bit (and unfortunately, pick up some fleas from the grass outside...YUCK! Hopefully we picked them all off!), we're getting ready for bed so that we can wake up and do it all over again tomorrow. Thank goodness tomorrow we land in Tulsa. Only 365 miles to go...hopefully we'll get into town around 3 pm....let's hope there's no more one lane travels tomorrow.


Dreamy said...

Hey Lori! I am a knottie who rarely posts (Aloha-Bride), however I just wanted to say good luck in Tulsa! My entire family is from must go eat at Knotty Pine Bar-B-Q, it is wonderful! It's a little hole in the wall, but totally worth it. Anyways, I just wanted to send you and Joseph a hearty, "Welcome Ya'll" Good Luck with your travels!!