One third of the way there!

After 14 hours on the road, we have made it to Flagstaff, AZ. We departed San Jose at 6:30 am this morning with the CRV loaded up with the doggies and pulling the U-Haul and headed south. By 1:30 pm we were in Barstow and started to head east towards Arizona. Here are some highlights of our day:

  • Regina and Luigi rode the whole way with no mishaps. Good little puppies! They mostly slept and so did L.

  • J drove all 750 miles with a little help from the Garmin.

  • The weather was suprisingly cool...thank goodness. It only hit 92 once we were in the high desert and that only lasted about 90 minutes or so.

  • We got turned around in one place an we weren't sure which way to go. The Garmin was "Recalculating for a Better Route". All of the sudden, this white pick-up truck with a light on top pulls up besides us. We were like, "Uh-oh. Police..." but then, it was just this nice man who saw us stopped and wanted to know how we liked our CRV because his wife wants to buy one! Then he gaves us directions to get us going on our way.... It was SO weird! Definitely one of God's little angels looking out for us.

  • A few hours later, we were travelling on I-40 (which runs parallel to the historic Route 66) and the gas light came on. And there was NO gas for about 20 miles! Finally, on the horizon, we see Crazy Freddy's Truck Stop. J turned about 10 shades of white before we pulled off the highway....he was so afraid we'd be walking to get gas! Once we did fill-up we had less than 1 gallon of gas left! Needlesstosay, we will be keeping old Goldie at half-full from now on! You just never know when you'll find the next gas station out on this highway!

So now, we're resting up and will head out to Amarillo, TX in the morning. It is about 350 miles from here to there, so hopefully tomorrow will be less taxing on all of us! We'll upload some pics once we transfer them to the computer!

Hugs and kisses,
The Wrights