Saturday Date

J and I both had today off! So we spent the morning at a leisurely pace, cleaned up some of the fallen leaves in our driveway/front yard and then headed out to Brookside to walk around and have a nosh.

We ended up at Keo Asian Restaurant which was awesome! We had ahi poke (yum, yum and thrilled we found a place in town that makes it!), fresh spring rolls, chicken skewers, steamed mussels, seasoned edamame, and tom ka (coconut curry soup with chicken)'s total asian fusion and so yummy!

We also happened by a modern furnishings store and saw the coolest thing ever. And Eco friendly, ventless fireplace. So cool! It burned ethanol (denatured alcohol)...check it out!

You can get their uber modern designs or just buy the insert for a traditional fireplace. How cool is that? And they put out some heat! Pyromaniac J loved it.

We also perused a chi-chi grocery store with lots of yummy stuff including our favorite stinky cheeses as well as a specialty coffee/tea store that had our favorite jasmine pearl tea for $170/lb. OUCH! On the way home we stopped at I got a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks. Feels like the holidays! It's downright cold in the evenings here...right now, it's 45 degrees outside. I know it will get colder the closer we get to Winter Soltice...brr!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Stumbled onto your blog. Really fun read. And your Saturday date sounded just fabulous.