In my last post I promised to get back to blogging more. Unfortunately a week-long seminar out of town for work followed by recovering from 16 hour work days has delayed my post until now. If only there were more hours in the day?! In fact, it was J that said, "are you gonna update our blog?" Oddly enough, he's had co-authoring rights since day one and yet, he's never posted a single thing. So technically, "our" blog is really "my" blog, right?

Life in our house has been good. J finished his summer semester (accelerated courses) with a 4.0 and is on break for another week. The weather here has cooled and the puggies have been getting daily walks in the morning, except for today, since it was raining. The rain has kept the grass nice and green and the temperatures under 90 degrees. I am busy with work, this is the time of year that we have a lot of committee meetings with our volunteers on Saturdays. The good news is that when I work a Saturday I get to take a weekday off later in the week. So next week, I think I'll take Friday off since J will be in Las Vegas visiting his dad and step-mom in the earlier part of the week and Friday will be a nice day for us to reconnect and will give me a three day weekend! YAY!

Today is also officially the first day of my second trimester...13 weeks and 3 days pregnant. With that comes a sense of some relief as the tenuous first tri has officially passed. Our next appointment is August 13 and they'll do some routine screening tests and of course another ultrasound, so you can expect another portrait of our Little Being. Other than that, we're just plowing headlong into August. We did manage to find a new (to us) breakfast spot that we like. It's in Brookside (of course!) and is called Jimmy's Egg. The food is good and the prices are great! I really loved their sweet potato pancakes...delish!