Second Trimester Update

Whoa! Where does the time go? I am now approximately four months pregnant. And I am defnitely starting to look pregnant. I promise to post a bump pic soon since I have now, finally, located the USB cord for my camera! Now I just have to recharge the batteries! I also finally have a ton of photos from winter that I need to post too.

Let's see, where are we with all of this "preparing for baby" business?

We have started our registry at after pouring through the Baby Bargains book and dozens of review web sites. We've decided upon the major things that we need before baby comes...a bassinet (Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper in Cherry), car seat (Graco32 in Zurich with two bases, one for each car and the stroller frame), bath (Spa Baby European Style Tub aka Tummy Tub), baby carrier (Moby Wrap in Sienna), and swing/infant seat (Fisher Prices Zen Collection Cradle Swing).

We have researched cloth diapering and are pretty sure that we're going to go with unbleached Indian cotton prefolds, snappis and thirsties diaper covers.

My mom has already bought us some "gender netural" clothing on sale from consignment shops and off-price retailers like Ross and Marshalls. I am headed to Just Between Friends on Saturday evening here in Tulsa, but hope to hold off on buying more clothes until we know for sure whether it's a girl or a boy. We should find out on September 11. That's when I have my Level II Ultrasound scheduled. Just in time too...the Monday after that I am off to Scotland and England for a week! By the way, my bloodwork for the Triple Screen has come back and everything is good. YAY!

We are already looking into our daycare options, since we need a place for the Little Being during the days/times J is in school. We plan to visit St. Dunstan's Preschool next week. I hope we like it in person. It comes very highly reviewed, is conveniently located between our home and my work as well as J's school and work and they offer part-time care, which we want. We only need 1-2 days/week, at least to start. And their prices are I am praying that this is the place for us!

From even before we got pregnant, we were considering hiring a doula to help us with labor. We've since nixed that idea, since the dozen or so local ones I've contacted are all unavailable for my due date. So, we've decided to go with the Bradley Method, i.e. "husband coached childbirth" and have hired a private instructor to come to our home for classes in November since we have such wacky schedules that never permit us to be able to attend the regularly scheduled classes in our area. Chris and Sandra, parents of our godson who will turn one on Friday, highly recommend the Bradley Method, so we're feeling pretty positive about it too.

J is actually excited about this and feels confident in his ability to work with my mom in coaching me through labor. My main concern is not heading to the hospital too early because we're panicking. So hopefully in the coming months we will feel more prepared on how to handle laboring at home. I am also reading Ina May Gaskin's "Guide to Childbirth" and it really makes me want a home birth. Maybe next time? By then J will be an R.N. so maybe it will something we'll feel more comfortable with doing.

Oh, and I have found a local photographer who has offered us a fantastic deal on a maternity shoot as well as newborn, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month sessions. Our first photo shoot will be in (with my big belly) and our pugs too.

Whew! It's been a busy couple of weeks. It's like, all of the sudden, I've realized that we're going to be parents in 6 short months. So I have flown into major planning mode. And nesting mode! Sunday morning I scrubbed the kitchen floors until they sparkled, same with the stove and washed down all of the cabinets and appliances. Next, I'll tackle the bathroom. I guess my second trimester energy is kicking in. I still get tired, but am not exhausted like I was in the first trimester. And my nausea has all but gone away at night (I sometimes get a little queasy if I've stayed up too late).

So, life is good. J started school (books are SO expensive these days...sheesh!) and we're looking forward to the weather changing soon. It's been one hot summer! Our second wedding anniversary is at the end of next month, so we're starting to think of how we'd like to celebrate. Whew! Where does the time go?


Melessa said...

It sounds like everything is coming together beautifully. Just a little FYI from an "experienced" (aka "old") mom. My best friend's mother is a huge proponent of home births, but when I was expecting my first she told me that all "first" babies should probably be born in a hospital because you don't know how your body handles labor and delivery until you've experienced it once. She turned out to be right. She also had to pat my back via email when this last baby (my 5th) was also delivered in the hospital because my contractions just aren't strong enough to get my labor to progress without something like pitocin or cytotec (synthetic contraction-stimulating drugs). I also LOVE the idea of a homebirth and have good friends who have loved theirs, but I agree with my "other mom," that safety comes first. Most hospitals are very accomodating to the wishes of the parents as far as keeping things as natural as possible. I know this from first-hand experience. Anyway, I'm very much enjoying these baby updates and I'm sorry for writing a mini-novel here.