Slight Improvement

I've been home since Friday and will have Monday off too, so Libby's been getting lots of one-on-one time with me. She's been better about going down at her bedtime (7:00 p.m.) but the past two nights she's been waking every 60-90 minutes and is angry. Screaming and grunting. And flailing her limbs and tossing her head back. Tonight, she was so beside herself for a good 15 minutes that I started to get a little scared. I thought she might be having a night terror. But as soon as I turned on the light she stopped and said, "book!" So I guess she just didn't want it to be nigh-night time. Ugh. So I read her a book and turned out the light, held her for a bit and put her back in the crib. She fussed for a minute and then was asleep.

But even after I've gone in and nursed/rocked/snuggled her back to sleep as soon as her she's placed in her crib she starts up again. I feel horrible. We had a really good nighttime routine going before I left town and now, I feel like we're back to square one. Tonight, during bath time, which she usually LOVES, she didn't want to sit in the tub and wanted out about 5 minutes after it started. She just seems so angry since I've come home and I am not sure how to help her.

We were supposed to have awesome weather this weekend, but so far it's been chilly and gray. I hope tomorrow will be sunny, or at least warm enough for us to get out of the house and go to the park. Today was fun, we went for pancakes at Jimmy's Egg and then ran an errand at Ace Hardware. They have miniature shopping carts and Libby had a blast pushing it around the store. The shoppers got a kick out of her cuteness too!

Speaking of cuteness...check it!

Libby's First Pedicure! L'Oreal's Trust Fund Baby is a good shade of pink for the first toes of Spring! I painted our toes last night after her bath. She liked getting them painted but didn't want to wait for them to dry! This morning, she saw my toes and then remembered hers were painted cute! The nail polish was pretty stinky though, so I am thinking of getting this eco-friendly Piggy Paint to have for the next time.

And despite the overcast weather, I had enough natural light coming through the window to snap this:

She is so sweet. Which is why it's killing me right now when she's so unhappy. So, I am continuing with giving her tons of my undivided attention in hopes that she'll come back to her happy self. I am sure my mom's return on Monday will help things will be "back to normal' in our household. The last several week's have been quite tumultuous and I am sure that is affecting my little greatly.