Spring has sprung!

I took Monday off to stay with Libby since my mom was still out-of-town and J has school. So, I decided to take Libby down to Woodward Park and snap some pics oh her cuteness next to the blooming daffodils and tulips. Even though she only looked at the camera once and, in general, complained for the majority of our time there, I did manage to get some nice shots:

Afterwards we went to get some groceries and she was so cute walking with me and pushing the cart. We got home and she had a fantastic nap! She seems to be settling back into her normal routine now.

Tuesday with had our visit with our Parents As Teachers Educator. It went well and we're happy to know that Libby is measuring well ahead on most milestones. She's talking more and more everyday. New words include "strawberry" and "barbecue sauce" two of her favorite things to eat lately.

And she's still in love with her blanket...
She loves to cuddle with it and really wants to take it everywhere. I got her a smaller version that's more manageable for her to walk around with but so far, it's not working out and she likes her FULL sized one best!

I cannot believe how in just two months Libby's gone from a growing baby to full-fledged toddler! She's 14 months old and so much fun!


Cindy said...

She is such a cutie!

Sarah said...

Glad things are getting back to normal. Raising a toddler is HARD work! I'm beginning to think it's even harder than having a newborn :)