Happy New Year!

The first few days of 2009 have been great! J made it home in time on NYE to pop the cork and celebrate! He had to work a double on Friday and today and the morning yesterday. I have been home taking down the holiday decorations and cleaning up. Mom will be here next week and we want the house to be ready for her arrival.

Last night we were feeling too lazy to cook and decided to get out and find some Mediterranean food. I guess I had been craving it since watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on TV on Friday night. We looked in Tulsa People magazine and found Shish-Kabobs on 31st and Garnett.

The restaurant is super cute and family run. We were waited on by the owner's 16 year old daughter who was really sweet and personable. We ordered the mixed appetizer plate that came with tabouli, hummus, and stuffed grape leaves. Pita came with it. Then for our main course we each ordered the combo plates which came with our choice of two meats, rice with saffron and a side. I had the Persian salad and J had the baba ganoush. I ordered the chicken kabob and gyros and J got the chela (ground beef) kabob and beef kabob. My favorite was the chela and the gyros. For dessert we shared vanilla-saffron-rose water-pistachio ice cream, rosewater cake (family recipe) and a baklava (we LOVE dessert). We loved the rose cake and highly recommend it! The ice cream was exotically spicy and different, akin to green tea ice cream in that it's flavorful, but not extremely sweet. We loved Shish-Kabobs and will definitely be back! The prices are so reasonable and the service felt like we were eating with family friends.

And a post would not be complete without a weather report (always fascinating!)...it was GORGEOUS yesterday! 75 degrees! I had the windows open, fans on and heater off! The house was all aired out and fresh smelling. Today? 36 was the high. And tomorrow is supposed to be in the 30's again and a slight chance for frozen rain/snow flurries. WTH? So bizarre.


♥georgie♥ said...

cool...I have never been to that restaurant but after reading this post my mouth is watering!
Happy New Year to you too!