Sunny Sunday

Three days ago we had a dusting of snow on the ground, and today? It's sunny and clear and in the 50's! Isn't that fantastic? The weather here never ceases to amaze me. I wonder if, eventually, that will wear off? For now, us Cali transplants enjoy the never-ending guessing game that is OK weather.

Mom has been here a week and her belonging arrived on Thursday evening. What a sight to arrive home and find a semi-truck container in my driveway! It was so intimidating to pull up and park behind it (thank goodness Mom insisted that the driver pull up into the drive a bit before leaving it there!). The container only was half-full with her things (the other half was parceled out to other folks with shipping needs, which reduced the cost for Mom). I worked 11 hours on Friday and yesterday, so J helped Mom start with the unloading. The majority of her things will be stored in our garage, which has gone from fairly empty to pretty jam-packed in a matter of days! Some of her furniture as well as personal belongings, clothes, etc. will come in to the house today. She did ship some houseplants and we're hoping they'll perk back up in the next few days.

Other than that, we're getting excited for the historic inauguration of Obama on Tuesday. J and I will be off work and glued to CNN for all of the coverage. I felt kinda ripped-off on election day since I was working at convention and missed all of the coverage. Even though I was in Hawaii, which went nuts when the results were announced, because I was insulated in the convention center and focused on our work, I was basically in a vacuum. So I promised I would be part of the inauguration day celebration! We are so ready for a new paradigm in Washington and a new face in the presidency. Not to mention someone who is actually well spoken and articulate.


Yogi said...

I'm looking for something different in Washington as well.