It's been nearly a week since I've blogged. This is partially due to the fact that since NYE my laptop has been unusable due to a broken DC port. So, I have to get online from home on J's laptop, which he is also sharing with my mom. So, three adults sharing one computer means less blogging from yours truly.

That said, hopefully I can get my laptop fixed soon. Maybe once we get our tax returns? That is if we ever get our refund from California, considering they're flat broke, cannot pass a budget and will be issuing I.O.U.'s to their citizens. How about I issue an I.O.U. for the debts I owe? Yeah right!

I cannot even fathom the consequences. California, on the other hand, will do just that. And layoff state employees including teachers, social workers and law enforcement. Nice. I am so grateful we got out when we did. What's scarier is that CA's economy is like 7th in the world. The fact that they're totally broke speaks volumes about the state of economy these days.

Speaking of which, I love how they're offering an $8K tx rebate for first time home buyers. What's the catch? Trying to get financing as a first time home buyer. J and I would love to take advantage of this opportunity but we don't have 20% down for a down payment nor do we have funds for closing costs. So, we wait. There are such cute homes for sale here in Tulsa and they are totally affordable. Maybe by this summer we can see what loan options are out there for us.

Until then, we're enjoying our midtown rental. The beautiful thing about renting is that if something breaks or goes awry it's on the owner to get it fixed. Case in point: our outake drain was backed up this week which caused all sorts of nastiness in the bathroom. We made a call and 2 hours later we had a plumber power-snaking our outlet. We were back in business in no time. For free. When it's our own home, we'll have to anty up the cash. So for now, we're okay with that.