Is it June?

Now, when I last blogged, I mentioned that we had some snow. Last week we were running our heater. Today? It's almost air conditioner time. It's nearly 90 degrees. The weather here is truly crazy. It never ceases to amaze me.

I wore a summer dress today with open-toed wedge mules. On the drive home from work, kids played in the nearby park dressed in shorts and tank tops. And I just heard the chimes of the neighborhood ice cream truck down the street. It feels like summer.

It doesn't look like summer though. Aside from the clear blue and sun shiny skies it looks like winter. The trees are bare and the grass is dead and brown. There are patches of green trying to make their way through and some of the pear trees are blooming with white. I am not complaining though. It feels great to have all of the windows open in the house, slight breezes floating through and the warmth of the sun upon my skin. Next week? Who knows? It could be snowing again.