Off to Dallas!

J and I are loading up the truck and driving down to Texas for the weekend. Even though it's a work-related trip we're making into a little getaway too. J loves Egyptology and the King Tut exhibit is in Dallas. So, we're heading down for the two day convention I'm attending for work and then we're going to the museum on Sunday before heading home to Tulsa. I am excited, I've never been to Dallas except for the airport. There are several restaurants we want to check our while we're there, including brunch at La Duni Latin Cafe where I'll meet up with a long time knottie/nestie whom I have corresponded with online for over two years. She and her hubby were married in Hawaii but live in Dallas. I am super excited...I always love meeting up with my online friends in real life. You can meet her too! At least online, check out her tasty blog: Good Eats 'n Sweet Treats.


Anonymous said...

I just passed through TX on my road trip this past week. The drive to Dallas isn't bad at all. You can make it in under four hours. I hope you have a wonderful time!