What a random week!

Monday I stayed home from work to catch up on things after being gone all week. Conferences are so jam packed with networking and interest sessions it can be exhausting. We worked 10-12/hours each day, so come Monday, I just wanted to rest.

The rest of this week has flown by...first all of all, my body has not yet adjusted to the time change and I am consistently waking up an hour after my alarm goes off. I must be turning it off in my sleep! My bio-rhythms are totally wacked! Thankfully, we have flex time at work, so instead of getting in a 7:30 a.m. I have been getting in at 8:30 a.m. all this week. I am determined to catch up to myself this weekend.

Oh yeah, it totally snowed yesterday! All day! But it melted once it hit the ground. Still, it was neat to watch it coming down in wispy flakes. Spring is trying to make itself known but old man winter is hanging on for dear life! The poor flowering trees and bulbs must be confused.

Today and tomorrow we have all day Board meetings at work. And then tomorrow night, after work, we have a work-related banquet. It's theme is "Night at the Oscars" and after our meetings all day we have to get dressed up a bit. I am just going to bring my clothes to the office so I can change clothes there and not have to drive home in between the meeting and dinner. I am looking at a 14 hour day when it's all said and done. I might just take Monday off so I can get two days off in a row! The problem is...it seems I end up working double when I have a four day week to make up for the lost time, so we shall see. J is off on Monday which always sweetens the deal. Plus, I am not a fan of 50 hour work weeks if I can avoid it.