First {Official} Mother's Day

Today I am celebrating my first Mother's Day.  Well, officially.  I actually started celebrating it in 2004 when we adopted Regina on Mother's Day.  She was my furbaby from the start and definitely helped me get in touch with my maternal instincts (which until then had only be slightly activated by my becoming an auntie).  I would get Mother's Day cards from the dog (which J would pick up and sign for her)'s was cute and fun.  The of course, I'd do the same each Father's Day with cards from the dog and the cat.  Our furbabies are our babies.

But now, we have Libby and we're parents of another human being.  I do think caring for our pets has helped prepare us for her in many ways.  But in so many more ways, we're just beginning to learn what it means to be a daddy and a mommy.  And most days I feel I am not that great at it.  At least not yet.  Maybe I have too many expectations of myself, but I want to be a good mama to Libby.  To know what she needs and then be able to meet those needs.  I love her more and more each day and her little twinkling eyes and big gummy grin melt my heart again and again.  And I can rock her and just burst into tears watching her little face go off to dream land.  She is so precious and I am so grateful that she's chosen me to be her mother.  And I promise that I will do my best to live up to that.

So today, I celebrate becoming a mother.  It feels odd to say that.  I am just learning, really.  And I am so lucky to have my own mom here with us.  It's wonderful to see her with Libby and also to have her support and encouragement as I come into my own as a mother.  Last night she took me and Libby to dinner and today J cooked up a wonderful brunch.  And there were cards...from Libby (signed by J, of course) and from J and from my mom.  Regina and Luigi and Bella?  Well, they no longer give Mother's Day cards, I guess.  But they show their appreciation too with licks and purrs.

To every mother, grandmother, auntie and godmother...and especially new mamas....happy Mother's Day to you!


Lori said...

Hey girl... you updated your blog! I have to say that I absolutely love the layout. So clean and chic. :)

Happy mother's day! Hope you had a great firsto ne.