Little Being

A year ago today my sweet Libby was a hope and a prayer.  A year ago today she was conceived with love.  How do I know?  Because when you're nearly 35 and trying to make a baby you don't leave these sort of things to chance.  I was charting my cycles with help of, noting my BBT and CM daily as well as using OPKs and my trusty CBEFM.  We were able to pinpoint my peak fertility days and in two cycles of TTC we were successful.  We actually conceived on Mother's Day (US) 2009.  How cool is that?  And I found out that we were expecting on J's 32nd birthday.  Totally awesome.

I blogged my entire TTC and PG somewhat anonymously on a group blog of ladies doing the same and went back today to read the posts from this time last year.  It made me smile to read how excited and anxious I was that this could be it!  And here were are, a year later holding our sweet baby girl.  Our "little being" as we called her long before we knew she'd be a she.  Life is truly a marvel.  To think that a little tiny poppy seed sized collection of cells created from loving eachother in the most intimate of ways is now our rolly-poly, pink-cheeked girl with mischievous eyes and a flirty smile.  My heart skips a beat just thinking about it.

And this time next year?  I think we might be dusting off the old BBT and CBEFM.  At least I hope so.


Katrina Brady said...

Thank you so much for your inspirational posts! I feel that some day all of this info may be helpful to me if I too make it to 35 before getting preggers. Congrats on such a beautiful and precious accomplishment!

Karina said...

oh my!!! Our little one is also conceived on mother's day last year =) We also used fertility friend. Our son was born 1/28/2010 at a birth center with the help of doula, midwife and my husband.
I love your blog. I did the quiz and was in the crispy range =)