Breastfeeding Jesus

I love is from one of my favorite bloggers, Dr. Momma at Peaceful Parenting:

I have been reflecting a lot lately on my nursing relationship with Libby as we near the sixth month and are thinking about the beginning of weaning through the introduction of solids.  She's been showing signs of readiness...most recently sitting unassisted, on her own (just one day shy of her fifth month birthday):

I am so glad we've made it this far and that she's thriving on just my milk.  At five months old she's 21 pounds and 27 inches's quite amazing.  And when I am stressed or tired nursing calms me as much as it does her.  I am a little saddened to think that soon she'll have more options besides her mama's milk and sometimes wonder if she'll develop a preference to sweet potatoes or bananas...but my goal is to nurse her for at least one year.  If she wants to go longer I'll keep it up as long as we can.


As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! said...

Libby's Mama - Hey there! I just came across your blog while looking through others. I just started my own and was just looking at others to get used to the whole thing. Anyways, I noticed your Breastfeeding Jesus post! I love it! My son just turned a year old and was exclusively breastfed until he started solid foods. And it remained that way!! He's now weaned all the way on cow's milk! We never had to switch to formula. It was such a rewarding experience to breastfeed for the full first year. I got a lot of criticism from it and was shocked as well! Isn't that what EVERYONE says is the best for your baby?? I couldn't understand why everyone wanted me to just give it up and switch over to formula. But I stuck with it, tuned everyone else out and did what I knew was best for my baby. So if nursing her is working, keep it up! And introduce solids when you feel it's right!! I listened too much to other people's advise and books and wished I had followed my own instincts on a lot of things over this past year. So, do what feels right and keep her breastfeeding! It's the best!!