Blizzard 2011: Day Four

It's snowing! Again. We haven't had any new snow since Tuesday, when ALL 14 inches fell within a 24 hour period. Oh boy! It sure is pretty to watch it fall, but the mess it makes afterwards is not pretty at all. On top of it, I am sick. Started yesterday with a scratchy throat. Overnight it developed into full on aches and pains, sore throat, stuffy nose and a fever. The fever broke this morning around 8 a.m. Being as I have been at home 24/7 since Monday evening, I am guessing I picked up the bug at work sometime on Monday. I ran into a few coworkers who were coughing and sneezing. Thanks a lot! Add cabin fever to my real fever and a cranky, fussy baby and well, let's just say I've had better days. And it's only 11 a.m. Hope things improve from here, I really do.