Sneak Peeks!

Here's three shots from this morning's session!

This was the toughest session yet because Libby is SO mobile now and wanted to be into everything...and didn't want to sit/stand still in front of the camera.  That little black chair I picked up for $30 from Ross last night. It's velvet and has sparkly buttons where the tufting is. I gifted it to Malisa for all of the great photos she's done for us in last 14 months!

The nursing shots were a no-go because as soon as she latched on a Malisa starting snapping she'd pop off the breast to see what was happening. So, I guess I'll have to have my mom or J try to take some nursing photos of us. I am happy with how the cake turned has a TON of frosting on it...not so great for eating, but GREAT for photos! Libby did as we expected and picked the sprinkles off and ate some of the smashing whatsoever!