Blizzard 2011: Day Two

Tulsans are still digging their way out of record-breaking snow and freezing temperatures. Yesterday goes on record as the most snow ever for the area, at 14 inches, and the snowiest February as well! We've been a little stir crazy, three adults, four dogs, a cat and a toddler in a 1300 sq. ft. house can be a bit much of too much togetherness!

I had today off work, again and tomorrow has been canceled too. Today, I finally finished my Pregnancy Journal on It was the last day to get 30% off and that was just the push I needed to finally finish this project that I started this time last year! It should arrive on the 16th and I hope I like it as much in person as I do online. I am considering using them to make Libby's first year memory book. So we shall see.

Here are some photos from our snow days...

We remembered to bring Libby's swing in from the backyard before the storm hit.
Today, she looked out the window and was wondering where it went!

Our stroller, on the other hand, we thought would be safe enough on our porch. Um, yeah...not so much.

Mom and J spent about 3 hours digging out our driveway

I tried to get some laundry done, but alas, the water pipes are frozen. We put a work lamp on them in hopes that they'll thaw a bit. Our bucket of poopy (cloth) diapers, that we keep in the garage near the washer, was frozen solid too. Hmm...poopsicle? Yuck. We like to wash our cloth diapers every other day, so I hope that the pipes will thaw soon so I can get them in there and cleaned! Tomorrow's another snow day and I've got to do something productive! I might just have to bust out the glue gun and get some DIY craft projects know the one's I never have time to complete? Seems like right now, all I got is time. Might as well put it to some good use. That and I think I'll's been way to long since I've been able to do that!