Open your Golden Gate...

We're off to the San Francisco Bay Area tomorrow for 5 days and 4 nights. We have a jam packed schedule! We arrive around 11:30 am and head straight to the theatre in SJ to catch Acts 3 & 4 of the final dress rehearsal of our friend's opera (she'd making her directorial debut).

We'll spend the night at her pied-a-terre and visit with her and her baby (our godson) on Friday. Saturday we drive up to SF to visit friends and my baby cousin who just moved up there from SoCal last November.

Sunday we head back to SJ to return our friend's car and will hitch a ride with my younger brother up to our SIL's parents house where our niece will be celebrating her 7th birthday. We head east with them for the night and then hit BART bright and early to SFO on Monday morning and arrive back in Tulsa that night.

Whew! I am tired just writing about it! We're cramming in visit with everyone we haven't seen since moving out here. And hitting up every restaurant that we this yummy Moroccan place in downtown SJ. And the Hawaiian dive in Japantown. Ooh and the Italian place in North Beach where we used to go on dates. Yep, we're going to eat our way through the SF Bay Area!

Speaking of eating, I finally dropped another two pounds after being stuck at my 20 pound weight loss since the middle of March! Granted, I haven't been consistently exercising and I haven't been as strict with my eating plan. That said, I am thrilled to not have gained and I still lost inches even though the scale didn't budge. Well, it did yesterday. So, once we're back in OK it's back to basics for me and my plan. I'd really like to drop at least 20 lbs more by summer. Hopefully I don't find the two I just lost while kicking it up in NorCali.


jshay778 said...

Have a safe trip!!