Whew, it's hot!

For the past three days we've had nearly record highs. Well, Wednesday was actually a record day. We have been in the high 80's and low 90's! Mornings start out in the 70's. Winds are somewhat high too. It's definitely feeling more like summer than spring around here. We've had the A/C on so that the pugs don't suffer.

Heat aside, it's definitely looking like spring. The trees in are yard are finally all greening with new leaves. The grass has been mowed twice. And the hostas in the flower beds have come back bigger and shinier than ever. We were worried that they had died off last November. The days are getting longer too, which we definitely enjoy. The only thing that is not so great is that this is the start of tornado season. We've already had a couple of warnings earlier this month and more are predicting for later this weekend. Ah, thus is life in Oklahoma. I am sure we'll get used to it, someday. But since we've not even been here a year yet, we're not there. Guess I better clear out the closet that we use as a "hidey hole." It's gonna be cramped in there this year, what with one more body and two more dogs. It was already tight with us and the pugs. The cat? She's on her own. She's probably smart enough to hide somewhere good. Hopefully it won't come to that.


Cindy said...

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