Spring Green

It seems that as if overnight everything in Tulsa has turned bright green. Today on my drive into work it was if everything received a sprinkling of emerald dust! It must be from the rain that came in the wee hours along with the thunder and lightning. Be awakened by the rumbling sounds of an angry sky sure is unsettling. I am not sure if I’ll ever get used to that! At least the pugs have seemed to…they don’t even wake up let alone bark at it anymore. What a difference from when we first got here!

I love how the air smells these days…it’s thick with moisture and you can just smell the earth waking up to the warmer temperatures. It’s odd that here as it gets warmer everything becomes more green whereas in the SF Bay, the warmer it gets, the less green things are and the more dry and yellow they become. We just mentioned last week on our visit that we were glad to have been there while the hills were still green from winter. They are having a dry period again so no doubt the golden hills will be there sooner than later this year.

But here, in Green Country, it is living up to its name! We are loving the experience of four real seasons. It’s time to pack up all of our winter clothes and store them away until next year. This weekend I made sure to get my toes painted and feet ready for open toed shoes and sandals. I even wore capris and a tank top on Sunday! And I know that many folks suffer horrible allergies this time of year, but for whatever reason (knock on wood) I haven’t had one bout. That is pretty unheard of for me. In San Jose, I would surely be hacking and sneezing by now with the cottonwood blooming on the river. But here, not so much as a sniffle. Could be the moist, humid air. Or maybe I have managed to stave it off by eating honey produced locally in Sapulpa and being dedicated to my neti pot each morning. It’s also a lot less smoggy here than in San Jose, so perhaps that was the route of my nasal terror every Fall and Spring? Who knows? Whatever it is, I am thrilled.