Upset Stomach

UGH! Last night was not good. I had a headache all day at work and when I came home I took a long, hard nap. I awoke, felt better and had some dinner. A few hours later it was my regular bed time so I went to sleep. Two hours later I awoke with the worst pain in my abdomen! Up high, not like anything I have felt before...I tried to work it out for about 45 minutes. At 11:30 pm I finally woke J up and asked him to take me to the Emergency Room. I was in a panic, really. I have not felt that kind of sharp pain.

I got into the CRV and we were on our way. The hospital in my insurance plan is only about 7 minutes away. One the drive I was doubled over in pain. The roads here in Tulsa are notoriously bad and the bobbing and jostling actually relieved my pain because it made me burp. A lot. By the time we got to the Emergency Room I figured this pain was just extreme gas trapped right under my sternum. So J headed to the all night pharmacy and picked up some GasX. Two pills and some 7Up later I was feeling a little better. I came home and stayed up until about 2 am and finally fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke and still felt a little burgly in my stomach so I stayed home from work. It was the right choice. After a lot of sleep and staying close the to the bathroom, whatever was plaguing me had passed. I seriously don't ever want to go through that again. I guess I picked up the stomach bug that has been going around my office for the past 10 days. Ew.


Lisa in Oz said...

How scary! I'm glad it turned out to be something simple!

Anonymous said...

Eeks that's no fun! I'm glad you are feeling better to say the least! I have to admit - the bit about the roads made me giggle. Who knew in there awfulness they were good for something? LOL!

~M~ said...

This sounds very similar to when I had gallstones. I'm glad you're feeling better!