I love a great bargain!

We have totally scored on Craigslist! (Again!) Check it out!
YAY! I love it. It's a dusty rose colored swivel rocker recliner in perfect shape! We bought it for $50 from a couple who's expecting a baby in October and just found out it's a boy and not a girl.

It's a velvet corduroy fabric with little button detailing on back cushion and arms. It's also petite for a recliner, which is perfect for our nursery (albeit a tad small for J...he'll need to add a neck pillow to make it super comfortable for himself). I fit perfectly in it and it passes my "can-I-get-out-of-it-while-holding-a-sleeping-baby?" test. The pugs love it too (go figure) and we spent some quality time in last night, breaking it in.

Oh, and Bella (the cat) has a new favorite nap spot as well! She's spent all day yesterday lounging on the contoured changing pad that we've place on our "changing station" (an IKEA cube shelf we are using in the nursery).

Next up? Finding the perfect lampshade for my antique lamp. I'll have to post a photo soon. My mom bought it for me when I was just a toddler (maybe aged 2 or 3) and it was antique back then! She had it rewired, etc. I have kept in a box for nearly 30 years waiting for the day that I could use it for my own child. It's just too cute for words! In addition to being a sweet lamp it has a music box (playing "Rock-a-by Baby") and a nightlight. I promise to post a photo once it's all dressed up with its new lampshade.

I also plan to break out the sewing machine and make some cute stuffed bird for this mobile:

I found it on this blog, CasaSugar. I also found out that I could purchase a similar one on Etsy for $44, but figured that since Spool has made the pattern available for free and that I have a backyard full of free twigs, not to mention a sewing machine that's gathering dust (I used to sew a lot more when I was in my teens and twenties), then why not take a crack at making it myself? So maybe I'll get started on them this weekend and see how it goes. We also plan to pick up some fabric to make a baby wrap/carrier (like a Moby Wrap), again for WAY less than purchasing.


Sarah said...

Highly recommend making something like the Moby. I just bought a Moby and Bella and I both LOVE it!! It's perfect for our morning walks around the neighborhood and for me being able to eat dinner with BOTH hands! I so wish I had your sewing abilities... maybe someday!