Team Pink!

We had our Level II Ultrasound today and it's confirmed...we're having a girl!

Everything is great and we got to see her for about 45 minutes today. She's measuring ahead by about a week and is in the 73% for size...about 12 ounces and has super long arms and legs. No doubt she'll be tall like mommy and daddy. Here are some more photos from today:




I burst into tears when we heard her's so amazing to hear and see a little being growing inside of me, even though I don't feel her yet. I hope I will soon! And we are relieved that so far, everything is right on track and looking really good! Yay for Team Pink!


divaKT said...

I'm so happy and jealous and thrilled for you guys! Did I say jealous? Oops! I meant jovial... Don't know how that slipped out! :-)

Seriously though -- congratulations!! What a wonderful wonderful day; and what a beautiful beauty she'll be!

Much love to you both!

Cindy said...