Proud moment

I came across this video today on It profiles our mentor, Miss Irene Dalis. After a 20 year career at the Metropolitan Opera, she retired from the stage and returned to San Jose, CA where she because a professor at San Jose State (our alma mater) and eventually, launched Opera San Jose, where J and I went from being friends and colleagues, to something more.

This woman in in her 80's and still works 5-6 days a week for the art she loves...OPERA! She also is 2003 she decided she wanted to drop some weight and get in shape, so she joined Weight Watchers and started walking her neighborhood and ended up dropping over 90 lbs and continues to walk 5 miles/day. She truly is an inspiration...J and I will forever me grateful for all the time she gave us over the years and for always believing in us as artists and as people. For more about the program J and I were Principal Resident Artist for 5 years, check out this link: