Hot Sunday

We have had a week of 100+ degree temps! Even locals are complaining! It does get warm here in the summer, but even this is not normal.

Thankfully, everywhere you go is airconditioned! I had to work yesterday (another annual international commitee meeting) so today we took it easy. We did go see a few open houses and again were so suprised about what you can get for your money out here. Seeing open houses also helps us figure out which neighborhoods we like, where the good school districts are and what type of home we ultimately want to buy. One cool thing here is that neighborhoods have their own pool clubs that you can buy memberships too, if you like. So you can have all the fun of a pool, but none of the hassles. Still, we think we might prefer to have one in our backyard...especially since these summer temps are so high! It would be the only way to enjoy the outdoors in the heat!