San Francisco in Oklahoma?

I know that many of my posts have been about the weather here. How hot, rainy, windy and electric. But, I am happy to write that the weather here this past week has felt almost like home. And not my new home, but my lifelong home, San Francisco.

Never in a million years would I have ever thought that I could appreciate a perfectly misty-gray, not too hot nor too cold day! Alas, we have had overcast, somewhat foggy weather here the past few days that start out in the high 60's and never quite get past the mid-70's. I am loving it!
According to all reports it is totally unseasonable, but again, most locals aren't complaining. Especially since we were all running our air conditioners at max capacity last month! We had 8 days in a row over 100 degrees and now 12 in a row of under 80...

And Fall is definitely on the horizon...all of the kids are back to school now and the morning commute now includes lines of yellow school buses. And some of the trees in the parking lot at work have started to turn yellow and orange. I am looking forward to wearing boots and sweaters to work and to all of the lovely colors of Fall...rust, amber, plum and brown. And my favorite holiday is just around the corner....can you guess what it is? Labor Day. LOVE it and cannot wait for that three day weekend just around the bend!