When it rains...it pours.

Where to begin on this day?

We headed to bed at 9:30 pm last night in anticipation of J's first day on the early shift, which starts at 5:30 am. Just about to hit the sheets and Luigi has an "accident" on our bed. UGH!

So we strip the bed, start the laundry and remake the bed with clean linens. Ah, finally in bed and it's 10:00 pm. But Luigi cannot get comfortable, he has a "squeezy" tummy so at 10:30 pm I take him to the living room. I try to get cozy with him on the couch so that J can get some rest. Lui and I doze off and at midnight I awake with a crick in my neck from sleeping on the couch, so I scoop Lui up and bring him back into the bed where J and Regina are fast asleep.

Luigi is uncomfortable again, can't settle down and is whimpering, so we head back to the living room. There are more displays of whatever is causing his upset stomach (at least these ended up on the strategically place puppy pads, thank goodness!) and after I clean that all up, we settle down together on the couch again (this time though, the cushions are rearranged to prevent any further neck stiffness). By 1:00 am we are sleeping again. Finally, some rest.

We are awoken at 5:15 am by J who is ranting and raving. He has overslept! Oh-no! I vaguely remember hearing his alarm going off but figured he was up, so I stayed asleep. But alas, he had missed it! Thankfully, he awoke before he was actually late for work. He flies into a frenzy....I collect his wallet, keys and phone, pour coffee in a travel mug and stash a fiber bar into his collection of things. Meanwhile, he shaves, puts in contacts, and gets dressed. 5:23 am and he's out the door. WHEW! He made it.

I stumbled back into our bed for another hour of sleep (I had thought that I would hit the treadmill, but after less than good sleep on the couch with a sick puppy, the bed was calling my name). Once I got up, I had a hard time really getting going....normally I try to leave by 7:40 am to be at work by 8:00 am. Today, I left at 8:23 am. That is, of course, after cleaning up after Lui's "issues in his tissues" one more time!

Work was fine for both of us. J had a good first day at the restaurant and I got a ton done too. The office was quiet, as many of our staff have chosen to take summer vacations this week and next. Around noon it rained. Thank goodness! We have a 20 degree break in this sweltering heat and some much needed rain for the lawns that were started to brown. I never thought I'd be happy to hear the roll of thunder!

I got home at 5:15 pm, just after J, who had taken Regina to the vet today. Turns out her lump was a backed up sebaceous gland! EWWW! No wonder it has gotten larger in the past year. Basically, and this is totally gross...it was a big, fat zit trapped under her skin! It was literally the size of our thumbs and large enough to be seen protruding from her side! The doctor aspirated it with a needle and J said the stuff that came out was seriously nasty! The great news? That's all it was. And now, it's virtually gone. The vet did give her an antibiotic shot, just to make sure nothing nastier festers there as it heals. And he cleaned her teeth and checked her eyes. All is well with Ms. Regina! And the bill for all of that was CHEAP! Even better! We love this new vet. Next up? The cat. She's overdue for a teeth cleaning.

J and I took a brief cat nap until our hunger pangs won over our need to sleep. He cooked up a yummy dinner of mustard crusted pork chops, steamed broccoli and Thai rice with white truffle oil. Yummy! And it only cost about $8 to make for the two of us! Even better.

We're going to take it easy and head to bed around 9:30 pm tonight. Let's hope there's no repeat of today's start. It's no fun to oversleep and miss the alarm! Tomorrow is TGIF for me, but it's just the beginning of J's work week. Hopefully in just a couple of days the 5:30 am start will start to feel a little easier for him.