Mamma Mia! My, my...

Okay, so some of you might think this is weird, but eh, not me. Anyway...I went to lunch today with three girls that I have only "met" online. Yeah, virtual strangers from the internet! Sounds risky? Not really in this situation.
Let me explain...

When I was planning our wedding I became a regular on The Knot, a website for to-be-weds. I was mostly on the Hawaii Board and "met" all kinds of women from Hawaii and around the world who were also planning their weddings in Hawaii. Some of these gals I even met in real life, for lunches that "knotties" (the ladies who post on the website) call GTG (get togethers). There were several NorCal2HIKnotties, a couple I even helped with wedding planning. Anyway, one of these knotties was a make-up artist from LA but moved to Oklahoma to be closer to her man's family. Tulsa, Oklahoma! They're actually already married and have two small daughters, but they never had a real wedding, so they're renewing their vows in Maui in May. Another thing we have in common? Her hubby is African American and she's Caucasian. So she has been helpful in adressing my trepidation about being in a mixed-race marriage in the South.
Anyway, she and I have corresponded via email more and more, especially once I knew that we'd would be relocating here. When I came for my interview in May, she even left a little "Sooner" welcome gift in the hotel room for me. She has advised me on places to see, eat and play here in "T-town". But we've never met face-to-face. Until today.

The other two gals, I've gotten to know on The Nest. This is the site you are "kicked over" to by The Knot after you, well, tie the knot. It's for newlyweds. I mostly frequented the Northern California and Money Matters boards, but once I knew we were moving here, I started visiting the Oklahoma board too. That's where I met two locals (most of the other posters are in Oklahoma City) and where we got the ball rolling on a "nestie" GTG.

Fast forward to today....the four of us met up at Pei Wei, an Asian diner (owned by the same company as P.F. Changs) for lunch and then we went to see Mamma Mia! It was so nice to meet women who are not co-workers and just talk about married life. Two of the gals have small children and are stay at home moms. One is remodeling her home so they can sell it and move to a bigger place and think about starting a family. All lead fascinating lives. So it's a start to making new friends in this new town. At the very least, I'll know some ladies who like to take in lunch and a "chic flick" every once in a while.
By the way, Mamma Mia! was a funny and touching movie. Meryly Streep was awesome! She is a study in living the words, even if they are cheesy ABBA lyrics! And Julie Walters and Christine Baranski, her side kicks, were a freaking riot. I saw the stage show, many years ago, in San Francisco, and loved it. Today, I loved it even more. And it has made my need to see Greece all the greater. Go see it! You will dance in your seat and laugh out loud!


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

It's so great you are able to meet Knotties/Nesties in Oklahoma.