Hump Day!

Today I only went to work for 4 hours since I worked 9 hours on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, I figured it'd be good to work until 12:30 pm and get home early.

Today is payday so we headed to the grocery store. We also made use of our $140 bonus credit at Home Decorators, where we got our rug in June. Today we bought this entertainment stand:

Isn't it cute? And with the $140 credit we got a great deal on it! YAY! Of course, we don't have the flat screen TV to go with it, but if J has anything to do with it, it won't be long before we do! My requirement? That we get a great deal on it from wherever we buy it!

Here's another reason why we're loving living here:
We've been wanting to take Regina in for a general exam, since she was really due for one in May. We called the vet today and we have an appointment for tomorrow! How great is that? I expected it to be at least a week or 10 days before we could get one. And they only charge $36 for an office visit. We are thrilled! They did a wonderful job on Luigi's neuter job last month and we're happy to have found a great vet right away. Regina's lump is much bigger than it was last year and we're going to have it looked at. If it's still nothing, fine. But if it's something, we want to take care of it immediately.

Regina and Luigi love their new big, backyard and watching the squirrels. They still instigate barking matches with the back neighbor's dogs, but they've gotten much better about it. And Luigi is learning that Bella is not one of his playthings. Her poor ears are missing some fur and it's because Luigi loves to tackle her. He's been getting squirted with the ol' spray bottle o' water whenever he's agressive with her. So far, he's learning. And he's a little cleaner too!

J officially starts his first shift tomorrow...he has to be there at 5:30 am! So we're heading to be between 9:30 - 10:00 pm. If you're going to call, please take into consideration the time difference and the fact that we're no longer night owls. That said, J will be home by 3:00 pm and I am usuall home between 4:30-5:00 pm, so if you have break in your day and want to chat, please do call. Otherwise, we'll have to make "phone dates" for the weekends.

How funny! In two short months, we've become "those people" who like to get to bed early, grocery shop together and make home furnishings a priority. Guess we're growing up. Some would probably say, "it's about time."