Checking in...

Just a quick note. I have been in San Jose since 11 am yesterday. Aside from a snafu with the rental car company, all is well. I have been hanging out with our friends and my new godson. He's four weeks today! I will post a pic when I can. I also had lunch with a former student whose May wedding I planned. She's 4 months pregnant! Babies, babies everywhere! EEK! It sure seems like a lot of work. My poor friend has been breastfeeding constantly. I swear, they need to invent a carrier that straps the baby to the boobies so you can get something done!

Tomorrow is lunch with my younger brother and then up to my mom's for the night. I will be with the family all weekend and then go to San Francisco on Monday to visit with friends and their baby. Then home on Tuesday. More to come...including pics!

UPDATE: Here are some pics of my sweet godson and his parents