The Wifey Cut

Well, it's taken nearly a year, but I have done ye old chop-chop to my hair. Affectionately called by my newlywed friends, the "wifey cut". Have you ever noticed that many brides-to-be grow their hair for the wedding and then chop it all off afterwards? Well...I am a little late, but still shy of our first wedding anniversary. What do you think?

Please excuse the "self-portrait" I took after work today (on the right). The photo on the left is from earlier this summer. I was just getting tired of putting my hair half-up into a clip (like I have been doing since 7th grade) or pulling it in a ponytail or bun for work. This is SO much easier! And kind of more businesslike and my age (whatever that means).

Another milestone was accomplished today. For the first time ever, I have invested in a 401K. Even though the current climate on Wall Street is near catastrophic, I was advised to take full advantage of my company's 100% match and was assured that since I am just getting in that everything is on sale and it's a great time to buy into the market. Here's hoping! I can make changes, with no penalty, every 30 days and adjust my contribution ever quarter, so if it all goes south, I do have options. But since I just got my 90 day stipend added to my base salary, I figured now would be the time to jump in since, technically, we won't feel it in my take home pay. In fact, I can contribute 8% to my 401k and still have a bit of a raise in my take home pay. Yay for the stipend!