I am coming home tomorrow...

I have been away from California for 111 days. And tomorrow, I will go home. I think. I mean, where is home now? Today, as I left the office and said goodbye to my coworkers until next week, I actually felt a little sad. Sad that I will miss out on the little laughs between meetings and high fives when someone gets a resounding "yes" on a proposal. Sure, I'll hear about it all next week, but it's those moments, peppered throughout the day, that I love about my new job. So, after being at for just over 3 months, I will be back in San Jose and the Bay Area.

I'll arrive around 11 am tomorrow and I am not sure what I'll do. I have a rental car and can drive wherever I want...most of the folks I want to see will be at work and not available until the evening. So, if you're around tomorrow, let me know.

I look foward to seeing my friends and family. I miss you. And I am looking forward to soaking up some Indian Summer weather we all love so much. Seems we've gone from needing the a/c to needing the heater in less than a week! Ooh! And I am looking forward to shopping at Trader Joe's and bringing some stuff back with me. And eating Morrocan food at the place in San Jose we just started to love right before we moved her. And I get to meet my new godson. And see the ocean and maybe even put my toes in it. And see my family. And my friends. Oh, right, I already listed that.

I will have my cell phone with me, so please call or text and let me know if you'll be around. And I am bringing my laptop, although I am not sure how much internet access I will have while I am there. I'd love to see you and catch up! I'll be in town through next Tuesday, so give me a call or text or email and let's make some plans.