Annual Exam...

A new job brings new insurance and a new doctor. Yesterday I went in for my annual "well woman" exam with my new OB/GYN. I chose her because she came highly rated and she was one of the only women listed on my preferred providers from my insurance company. I went, and fear that this time next year, I'll be looking at that list again and seeing yet another new doctor. ARG! In 5 years, I have been to 5 different new doctors. Mostly because they left my insurance plan, but this time, it's because this doctor is not the one for me.

First of all, she was 2 hours behind on her schedule! My appt. was for 1:30 pm so I arrived at 1:15 pm to fill out paperwork. I am used to doctor's running somewhat behind (a huge issue, but one that everyone seems to just accept). But once it hit 2:15 pm I was getting irritated. The woman next to me was even more so...she had a 12:40 pm appt.! Not one of the receptionists ever mentioned how far behind we were nor did they offer any solutions. Some patients ended up leaving because they had to get back to their jobs or kids. I decided to stick it out, since I do have some flexibility at the office and I really needed to get my prescription for Yaz refilled.

Finally, at 2:40 pm my name was called. I was led to the back, had my blood pressure and weight taken and was led to an exam room and given the little gown and sheet to change into. From 2:45 pm until 3:20 pm I sat on the edge of the exam table, legs dangling over the edge, trying to get comfortable in an exam gown that was too short and exposing too much to be comfortable. Finally, the doctor came in. She didn't apologize for being late. We got down to business and I got a huge cramp in my leg. She wanted to reschedule me since it was "obvious that I was having a problem". For what it's worth, I have had leg cramps for years! She said she had never seen such a case. She asked if I had osteoporosus in my family or if any women in my family had shrunk in height. No and no. She asked if I drink milk. Not really, other than on my cereal. Then she suggested that I start calcium supplementation since Yaz is supposed to already increase my potassium. Good advice, I guess. I chalked it up to being slightly dehydrated and oh yeah, sitting there on the edge of the exam table with my legs dangling down for a half hour and cutting off the circulation in my leg! I worked the cramp out quickly because there was no way in hell that I was going to reschedule my appt. with this woman. 5 minuntes and she was done.

I stood up, wrapping the sheet around myself while she talked to me. She started in with telling me that if I ever have hopes of trying to concieve that I need to lose at least 100 lbs! That would put me a size/weight smaller than I was in high school. The weight she wants me at I have not been since the 8th grade. Then she proceeds to warn that it will probably take me a few years, which of course, would put me at risk because I would be an older woman (35-36)! Finally, she insulted my intelligence by saying, "all you have to do is eat less and move more." Oh, really? I had no idea. She's a genius! She caps it off by asking how much caffiene I drink and I told her that I have about 12 oz. of coffee in the morning to which she replied, "well, you should cut back since caffiene stimulates your appetite." WTF? Her attitude was beyond for me. There is a way to communicate with people and she just has no clue.

Needlesstosay, I was angry and hurt by the whole thing and won't be going back to her. I know that I need to lose weight. Everyone I know, knows this. But I certainly don't think I need to lose 100 lbs before I try to get pregnant! My doctor, last year, said 50 lbs. would be a great goal (and one that is more in-line with what I was thinking too). He also said that he wasn't too concerned about my age (being in my mid-30's for a first baby is more the norm these days). Of course, he was a reproductive endocrinologist in addition to being an ob/gyn, so I felt confident in his advice. Anyway, it was an awful experience and I am definitely going to write up a review on Yahoo! and Yelp for this lady...other people need to read what I went through so they can avoid her.


debbiezoey said...

Hi Lori!

It's me, Debbiezoey, from the knot. I've SO been enjoying your blog I just have to say! You are SUCH an excellent writer and portray your thoughts so nicely on paper. I have a hard time with that.

I just have to relate to your heart breaking story of your exam. This irritates me beyond belief! Like we don't know we're overweight and what to do about it. If it was just as easy as, "eat less, move more" there wouldn't be an epidemic. Keep your chin up sweetie and I'm here to tell you, I have a lovely 6 year old that I had when I was 34 and was also probably considered 100 lbs overweight. NOT that uncommon.



Sarah said...

Aloha Lori (sarah from the knot), this entry really irritates me. Why is it ok for them to be over an hour late but if you show up 15 mins late they make you reschedule your appt? WTF?

On a side note, people keep telling me "relax and get pregnant"... in which I want to reply "oh is it that easy"... stupid people. I see PLENTY of people in their 40's having their first baby, in my opinion, find a better dr for next year. Sorry it didn't work out. Better to figure it out now before you have to see her every month (and more) for 9 months!