Back in Tulsa, OK

I was gone all last week for our International Education Symposium in San Antonio, Texas. It was an exhausting week, but very inspiring and exhilirating too. I was so inspired by the joy in singing and music making that I actually got up at the closing party and sang "Summertime", a capella to the 1500+ members in attendance. Here I am at the party with The Four Bettys, who are the current champion quartet, called Queens of Harmony by SAI, which is why they have tiaras on them (every year, the champion quartet is crowned as Queens of Harmony and they keep their tiaras and wear them to conventions and for public appearances) :
I got home on Sunday. My Dad arrived today...he flew down to Minneapolis with Dana last Friday. They visited the Mall of America and he took her to her summercamp near Sioux Falls, SD. He spent the past two days making his way southeast here to Tulsa. We were expecting to see him tomorrow, but he arrived today. So we get one extra day together! I plan to take the end of the week off of work so we can have some quality time together.


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Glad you are enjoying your new job and life in Tulsa!

Anonymous said...

What a small world. I've lived in Tulsa a year and a half by way of South Dakota! What a quinky dink!