Four Days Off!

I have decided to take the next two days off of rest and to visit with my Dad. I was feeling so tired after all of the time spent running around in San Antonio. What's awesome is that because I hit over 40 hours of work this week by yesterday, I don't have to use any of my PT or Comp Time to take today and tomorrow off! Can I just say, I love working for someone else!?Three months ago, had I wanted to take two days off, it would have cost me a lot of money!

Anyway, we're trying to beat the heat! It's been hovering around 100 for the past few days. Miserable! Thank goodness we have a nice, strong A/C and everywhere we go also has A/C (I needed a sweatshirt at dinner last night!). We want to see the new Batman movie for sure and maybe go to the local museum. We shall see...right now, J and Dad have operation "bathroom fan" and are trying to fix the fan in our bathroom that is probably as old as the house. Dad always likes to dink around and as soon as he saw that fan, he was delighted to know he'd have a project to do while he was in town.

Speaking of dinner last night, we went to Olive Garden. It was Dad's request, J and I don't normally go there unless someone else wants to go. We prefer to patronize local, mom and pop type places, but every once in a while we will go to a national chain franchise. Anyway...we unfortunately had a server who had only been on the job about a week. She never brought us menus, spilled beer on me, forgot to bring us salad and breadsticks (the only reason to really even go to Olive Garden!) and took forever to refill our drinks. Needlesstosay, she was having a very bad shift. The saving grace was that the manager came over and gave us soup, salad and breadsticks to-go and apologized profusely. So we have a free lunch today. J has been there, done that and we felt bad for the server...she was really upset. I guess she lucked out with such sympathetic customers. We gave her a nice tip and told her to try to let it go.

Speaking of J's work, he has interviewed for management positions at three companies this week: Hilton, Target and Lens Crafters. He has a third interview with Target tomorrow and we hope that's the job he gets. We'd get an awesome discount, not to mention compensation and benefits including tuition reimbursement. The best part about the discount would be that they have a full grocery store, in addition to all of the normal Target stuff, so we would save significantly, every month! The downside is that he would have a flex schedule which would require some nights and weekends. On those days, it's highly likely that we won't really see each other. But we also know this is not a career move, just a job to take while in school and working towards his degree. And I love Target, so I will be happy if he takes that position. We shall see...keep your fingers crossed!