Home Sweet Home

We finally hung up some photos and framed prints this weekend. It's amazing that a few well placed nails in the wall with a picture hung from it can make such a difference! We still need to do the bedrooms, but right now, the main living spaces are looking more homey.

Joseph continues to cook up a storm! I am getting spoiled! Yesterday he made yummy yellow curry chicken with steamed broccoli over smashed potatoes! Today was a delish brunch (after church today) of baked eggs with mushrooms, whole grain english muffins, green salad with tomatoes and carrots and berry yogurt with fresh blueberries and a little Kashi for crunch. Tonight is steak with mushrooms, brown rice pasta and green beans. We have vowed to eat at home more often and shop as organically as possible....so far, it's been great! He cooks and I clean. What a deal!