Sunday Service

J and I have been thinking that one great way to get out and meet some people is to join a church. But the question has been, which one? Every parish/congregation has their own vibe that cannot really be determined just by their denomination. In San Jose we had attended Trinity Episcopal for about a year or so but hadn't been in over a year before we moved away. Before that, I was attending a Catholic Church, but after the divorce, I felt less welcome there (for many reasons...).

Today we attended All Souls Unitarian Church which is close to our neighborhood. And it turns out to be the largers Unitarian Universalist Church in the world. It has about 1600 registered members. Reverand Marlin Lavanhar gave a powerful sermon today and it moved the both of us greatly. They have podcasts of the sermons on their site and hopefully they will upload the message we heard today, so we can share it with you. After the service we were welcomed to the hall for brunch and sat with some members who chatted with us about the church itself, UUC in general, and also just about Tulsa.

We are going to give it some time and attend for a few of months before we decide if we like enough to become members. They are on a "lighter" schedule for summer. So we want to see what it is like when it is in "full swing". For now, at least it's a way to meet people who live in our community and for that, we are extremely grateful.