Luigi has been whacked!

Today was the day...Luigi's neuter appointment. He's just shy of his 6 month birthday and it was time to go ahead and schedule the appt. Joseph called the recommended vet yesterday and they had an appointment for this morning!

Joseph took him in at 8 am and he had him home before I got home from work at 4:45 pm. No cone head, no isolation. He has a small incision on his man parts and that's it. Pretty easy, I guess. They did anesthetize him and therefore also cut his nails super short (they do that to get the quick to recede) which is really great because he has black nails, which makes trimming them extra challenging. He's resting's nice that he doesn't have to wear that cone. He is a little wobbly, which is probably the anesthesia still wearing off. Poor baby. I am glad we got it done though. And it was less expensive than we thought it would be. We paid about four times as much for Regina's spay over 4 years ago. Could be because she's a female and it's a more complicate procedure or maybe it's because we're in Oklahoma and everything is cheaper here. Whatever the reason, we are most grateful.