Beating the heat!

It's been so hot here...100 degrees for the past 4 or 5 days. UGH! So we've been staying inside and cool in the nice A/C. Friday we saw "The Dark Knight" and yesterday went to the movies again for "Get Smart". We have been eating out's too hot to heat up the kitchen. J did make some brunch yesterday and is cooking steak, couscous and asparagus tonight.

Today we drove around to different neighborhoods to went to some open houses. We saw the gamut and one really cute house built in the 50's stands out for us. It had a fully finished basment complete with a working fireplace and kitchenette. The main floor was all public living space and the fourth floor had two bathrooms (with original tile) and 4 bedrooms. It was super cute and has a pool and decks in the backyard too. And the price is falling...currently at $234K we think it's over-priced for the neighborhood. So who knows? Maybe in six months they'll drop it a bit? For now, it's fun for us to see what's out there.