And they're gone...

Mom and auntie returned home today. And with them, went the sunny weather we were enjoying for nearly a week. Weird. The day they arrived it was stormy and rainy. And then we had glorious, sunny skies for 5 days. Today, they flew out early this morning and it was cloudy and gloomy all day.

We had a great time...Sunday we went to church and then took them to a bunch of local open houses. Later that evening we went to see "The Secret Lives of Bees". It was very good, I highly enjoyed it. Yesterday we headed south a bit to check out Sapulpa and Sand Springs. They like the fact that they can live 20 minutes outside the city and have a completely rural experience, complete with acreage and horses. All for $200-300K.

They are seriously considering relocating here within the next 12 months. We are thrilled, of course. The way things are in CA, both of them are realizing that they don't want to retire there. And even as they prepare for their final working years, they want less stress, less polution, less traffic. We have that here. Oh yeah, and our gas is now down to $2.35/gal. I am hoping to see it drop below $2.00. It could's dropping about $0.03-0.05 a day.