Gas is $2.65 today...will it keep going?

Gas is down again, but after today's rally on Wall Street crude oil us up to $81/barrel. So this begs the question? How long will our lower prices at the pump last? Some pundits say it's because demand is down. Maybe. But I doubt that it's down enough to have dropped our prices over a dollar a gallon in a couple of months.

I think no matter where you are politically, we can all agree that GREED is the reason we're all suffering right now. I hope each of us can take responsibility of our own greedy tendencies and do what we must to correct our wrongful ways. For us? That means no longer using our credit cards. If we want something, we pay cash. And we're aggressively paying down our debt so we can be debt free sooner rather than later. We're also eating at home 99.9% of the time and have put a freeze on spending. We're only shopping for necessities and frugally at that. We want financial freedom. We want to live simply but comfortably. And when the time comes that we have a little extra, we want to be able to donate it to worthy causes. It's a goal. For now? We're happy to be saving money at the pump. Very happy.