Gas is $2.78 today...

Whoa! It drops aboout $0.05 a day. I am thrilled! The weather has been super nice too...high 70's by day, low 60's by night. Tomorrow is the Diabetes Walk...I am bummed because I really didn't raise much money, but my team did and that's good since I organized the team. I had hoped my contacts would donate $5-10 each and that would add up to something substaintail, but alas, in this current economic climate I totally understand. I will have fun and maybe next year, we'll all have a little more money to donate to good causes, like Diabetes prevention and research.

Oh yeah, we received word that we will have not one, but two visitors from CA next week. My mom and aunt are coming to stay for 6 days. It will be a lot of estrogen in the house for J, but we're looking forward to it. It's been gorgeous out and I hope we can drive out to the country and show them this wonderful "green country".