Cold, rainy, stormy day

Today started in the black. Literally. It was so cloudy that the sun didn't ever come out and the sky only went through a monochromatic shift of grays. I got to work at 6:50 am. I am trying my best to be an early bird so that as we "fall back" and lose daylight, I can be home with J and the furbabies by 3:30-4:00 pm and have an hour or so of daylight together. So I am trying. Today it worked. It was great getting home by 4:00 pm.

Back to the weather...we had thunder and lightening all day today. The temperature dropped from 62 degrees this morning to 52 degrees this afternoon. Brrr! I was prompted to order some sweaters and long pants on sale from today. I don't really have a winter wardrobe, save for the few items I have collected over the years for the annual NY audition trip. Living in the cold for 5 days is a little different than living in it day-in and day-out for 5 months. So sweaters and tights and long pants and boots it will be. What's odd is that I am getting all of my hot weather clothes together for 10 days in Hawaii next week for work. I depart for Honolulu a week from tomorrow. I can only imagine how cold it will be when we get back on November 9th.

Today I made my first spaghetti of the season. Here's the quick and easy recipe.

- 1 jar of your favorite marinara sauce (I prefer Newman's Own) or make your own
- 1 lb. of ground turkey
- 1 package of Tukey Polska Kielbasa, sliced into bite size pieces
- fresh garlic, chopped
- salt, pepper and oregano to taste
- your favorite dried pasta (we use brown rice or quinoa pasta, you can also serve this over some steamed broccoli if you're laying off the pasta)

- Brown the ground turkey, season as desired, drain and set aside
- In the same pan brown the Polska Kielbasa
- Meanwhile, in a separate stock pot, simmer your sauce...add garlic and spices to taste
- Add drained turkey and Polska Kielbasa to the sauce, simmer until married
- In a separate pot boil water and prepare pasta
- Add mushrooms, chopped onions, etc. to the meat sauce if desired and simmer together for 10-15 minutes.
- Drain pasta, place in bowl, spoon meat sauce over it all and garnish with some grated parmasean. YUMMY! If you skip the pasta, serve the meat sauce over steamed broccoli for a yummy, lower carb option.
-This sauce keeps well and makes enough for 2-3 servings for two or one meal for a family. Especially if you add garlic bread and a green salad. Quick, easy and yummy, especially on a cold, stormy day.