Do you ever wonder...

...what your babies might look like? That is, for those of you whom haven't had them. I think it's only natural to be curious what your DNA swirled with your mate's DNA would look like.

Well wonder no's handy online generator that shows you results in less than a minute. That's WAY better than waiting a whole nine months, now isn't it? Or in our case, probably closer to nine years! So, in case you're just dying to know...

Here's our results:

This is the one I think it probably most accurate, it actually looks like a couple of baby pictures of me:

Check out the eyebrows! I mean, isn't it uncanny? If you've seen a baby pic of me you know what I mean. This is the pic I used in the generator:

Well that's enough of that! I know a lot of you are waiting for me to proclaim my baby rabies! Well, not just yet, okay?

On another cheery note...gas is down again! $2.06 today! I just know we'll see it under $2.00 soon, which I made a bet on with J last month or so when the numbers seemed to drop dramatically everyday! I will say I am loving filling up our CRV for $26. I remember when we bought it just over a year ago and how I nearly cried last Spring when it was $50 to fill 'er up. Sheesh!

The temps have rapidly dropped here in the past week...we are getting freeze warnings and this morning it was about 35 degrees out. It was sunny and clear all day and topped out at 60 degrees. I like it. Fall is my favorite time of year! So crisp and clean and you can wear sweaters and boots and not get too hot. I am hoping that when I get back from Honolulu we can take a drive to see the fall foliage. It'll just be prime time the second weekend in November. I depart for Hawaii on Thursday morning and will be there for 10 days. Normally, I'd be thrilled, but in this case, not-so-much. I will literally be inside the hotel or convention center about 16 hours a day! No hope of really hitting the beach or the pool unless it's before 7 am or after 10 pm. Ah, well. At least I will be in paradise, right?